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It is nowadays possible to enjoy an inexhaustible energy source, that of the sun.
A clean, efficient and renewable energy, which in fact is already a reality in many households and businesses.

We, at SUN & PROJECTS are photovoltaic specialists. Having the best qualified professionals, undertaking non-binding feasibility studies and comprehensively designing the project which fits your needs.

Once started, the solar panels in your home or business are installed in just 24/48 hours. And of course, with the warranty and maintenance service included.

At SUN & PROJECTS, we know that every installation is special. That is why only the best materials and equipment on the market and the latest technology are used so that you can avail yourself of an efficient installation and which is 100% tailored to your energy needs.

Discover your new energy bill

We study your specific needs and offer you, a non-binding, feasibility study so that prior to making a decision you are fully apprised of all the information as regards your new energy bill.

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2-year comprehensive warranty for being more efficient

You contribute with the installation of solar panels to the care of the environment and participate in the construction of a more sustainable and efficient development of our planet.

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